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As a full-scale design-build job, Hecho was hired to refurbish Atrium after the original space was heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Our intention was to give the new space a strong sense of an exterior courtyard while maintaining a deliberate and proportional “al fresco” approach to the room’s dining area and mezzanine. This approach is also enhanced by string lighting and vintage farmhouse light fixtures adorning the bar area. All of the millwork, namely the bar, dining tables, and service stations, is solid walnut and designed and fabricated in our Red Hook shop. Our flooring comes from an old schoolhouse in Georgia, and was laid on a diagonal plane and painted to visually connect the main entry with the dining area.


15 Main Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Design: Hecho Inc.
Construction: Hecho Inc.
Finishes: Hecho Inc. 

Green Wall: FireDean Schilling

Completed: 2013

Photography: Atrium

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