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With a name as burly as Cannibal, one might immediately summon two things. Yes, it includes a fully operational butcher shop; and two, its flooring was, in part, once trod by inmates of a New Jersey state prison that dates back to 1890. Come for the meat, but stick around for the beer and atmosphere: Cannibal is an extension of Resto, the Belgian-inspired restaurant next door, and incorporates a convertible bar area for additional seating during private parties. A beautiful arched hallway lined with 60 vanity light bulbs guides patrons through a custom-refrigerated gourmet beer selection before they hit the refurbished bar and the ornate meat counter in back.


113 East 29th Street, NY, New York 10016

Design: Hecho Inc.
Construction: Hecho Inc.
Finishes: Hecho Inc.

Completed: 2011

Photography: Jean Bourbon

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