Dumpster Pools 1 ©Hecho Inc.jpg

Dumpster Pools 1 ©Macro Sea.jpg


Brooklyn + New York City


Design: Macro Sea
Construction: Hecho Inc.

Completed: 2009

Photography: Macro Sea, Jeff Kaufmann

Working in conjunction with Macro-Sea Design and New York’s Summer Streets program in July of 2010, we helped produce a mobile series of Dumpster Pools, which were first installed at our former workshop on the Gowanus Canal, and later moved to the middle of Park Avenue, just south of the Grand Central Terminal. We constructed elevated decking, safety stairs with guardrails, and heavy-duty removable covers made from large sheets of plywood and metal. The pools were eight feet wide, twenty-two feet long, and were crafted with sloping bottoms that ranged from three to five and a half feet deep.

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