229 West 28th Street
New York, New York 10001


Design: Hecho Inc.
Construction: New World Design and Build
Finishes: Hecho Inc.

Completed: 2015

Photography: Jon Sevik & Oleg March

This 10,000 sq’ music club took more than 2.5 years to gut and renovate. We worked to create a timeless environment that facilitates a communal musical experience. We re-purposed architectural remains of congregational spaces salvaged from NYC and the surrounding areas. Those items include 19th-century convent doors, plentiful custom arches, chandeliers and temple pews, a 1920's circus tent, a functional candy machine from the ’50's and a purposeful mishmash of ’60's and ’70's wallpaper. We have described the design as as a “homage to an era of vaudevillian eccentricity and Victorian decadence.”