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We worked with father & son team Matthew & Timothy Kelly, & Marshall Stack has since become one of our favorites. The Mahogany bar dates back to 1926 & was reconfigured to suit the new space. Many of the doors are of an equal vintage, as are the bathroom partitions. The life-sized Marshall amplifier wallpaper we printed ourselves. The re-issue lights are from Schoolhouse Electric & greatly complement the pressed-tin ceiling panels. Early 20th Century law office bookshelves comprise the back bar’s centerpiece. And it was another great year for submarine ladders; this one gives access to the basement & walk-in cooler. For the rather peckish, that tiny kitchenette at the end of the bar provides alarmingly good sandwiches & small dishes.


66 Rivington Street
New York, New York 10002

Design: Timothy Kelly
Construction: Hecho Inc.
Finishes: Hecho Inc.

Completed: 2006

Photography: Jean Bourbon

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