295 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217

Design: Hecho Inc.
Construction: Hecho Inc.
Finishes: Hecho Inc.

Completed: 2015

Photography: Black & Steil

Hecho Inc was tasked to design a "bar and grill" for the team behind the beloved Prospect Heights restaurant Franny’s. The space is a combination of neighborhood bar and salon style art gallery. The walls are adorned with a number of custom art pieces that we created specifically for Rose's. These custom pieces include a deconstructed dart board, back painted mirrors, paint by number collages, and a painting of dueling setting suns. The ceiling is a patchwork pattern of millwork which creates a canopy over the bar and the elevated booths. Hecho's millwork and finishes evoke a feeling for visitors that Rose's is a visually new and engaging space but still familiar as a neighborhood haunt.