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This renowned nightclub and theater is decked out with two full bars, mezzanine, and a variety of anachronisms. Antique wallpaper peels away to reveal new wallpaper, and moldings proliferate throughout the club, including the corduroy-enhanced box office. The customized booths give ample views to variety shows performed in a fully equipped theater. Call it also: vintage du everything,

whose roster of notable items includes a cut-up, re-assembled seven-piece bedroom set underneath a glassy top of Carrera marble, a set of 1920s-era, reclaimed steel parlor doors from a New Jersey asylum, and a host of bordello-chic finishes. Since opening its doors, The Box has continued to receive awards of distinction for design and overall style.


189 Chrystie Street
New York, New York 10002

Design: Hecho Inc.
Construction: Hecho Inc.
Finishes: Hecho Inc.
Custom Millwork: Matthew Zalla

Completed: 2007

Photography: JC Kole

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The beat goes on. This chic London hotspot also delivers high quality atmosphere and taste. Located in London’s SOHO quarter, the space was once the fabled Raymond’s Revuebar. Comprised of two buildings connected by an enclosed bridge over a small side street, 

The Box SOHO features an ornate bar, two working stages, banquette and table seating in the general theater, and a special VIP Green Room just above the spiral staircase in the main entrance and box office.


11-12 Walkers Court, Brewer Street
Soho, London, United Kingdom

Design: Andre Kikoski
Construction: Hecho Inc
Finishes: Hecho Inc

Completed: 2011

Photography: Retts Wood

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The Box SOHO 4 ©Hecho Inc.jpg
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